Resepi dan cara membuat nasi tomato

Resepi dan cara membuat nasi tomato. Bahan-bahan yang digunakan untuk membuat nasi tomato dan cara memasak nasi tomato sehingga siap untuk dimakan. Resepi nasi tomato ada disini.

Ok, nak masak nasi tomato kena ada bahan-bahan. Jadi bahan-bahannya adalah seperti di bawah:

3 1/2 cawan beras basmathi ~ basuh & rendam 15 minit. Toskan.
4 1/2 cawan air
1 cawan susu sejat
2 biji tomato ~ didadu kecil
4 sudu besar pes tomato
2 helai daun pandan ~ disimpul
1 sudu besar garam kasar
4 sudu besar minyak sapi
1 cawan kismis
1 cawan gajus yg digoreng/dipanggang
Bawang goreng secukupnya
1 kiub stok ayam


2 batang kulit kayu manis
2 kuntum bunga lawang
3 biji buah pelaga
7 biji bawang merah ~ mayang nipis


1. Panaskan minyak sapi dalam periuk dan tumiskan bahan tumis hingga naik bau.
2. Masukkan buah tomato, pes tomato dan kacau sebentar.
3. Masukkan beras dan daun pandan. Gaul rata sekejap.
4. Masukkan air, susu sejat dan garam. Kacau perlahan sekejap dan biar nampak mendidih sikit.
5. Tuangkan ke dalam periuk nasi elektrik (rice cooker) dan masak nasi seperti biasa.
6. Bila nasi sudah kering, kaup nasi perlahan-lahan dari bawah ke atas, rata perlahan dan tabur kismis dan gajus. Biarkan nasi masak elok. Hidangkan dengan taburan bawang goreng, ayam merah tomato dan acar masak atau acar mentah. Ayam Masak Merah Tomato

Selamat Mencuba resepi dan cara membuat nasi tomato ini ;-)

Resepi dan cara membuat nasi tomato
Nasi tomato yang telah siap dihidang


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Directions of Italian Rice With Tomatoes And Fresh Mozzarella

Bring salted water to a boil in a large pan. Sprinkle in the rice by the fistful. When the water returns to a boil, stir once, lower the heat and simmer until the rice is al dente, 15-18 minutes. 

While the rice cooks, heat the olive oil in a large skillet over a low flame. Stir in the garlic, then sprinkle in the basil. After a couple of minutes (when the garlic is translucent), mix in the salt, pepper, vinegar, and tomatoes. 

Gently turn the tomatoes once or twice to coat them with the flavored oil, warming them through but not cooking them down to a sauce. 

Drain the rice in a sieve or colander, but don't shake it dry. Turn it into a warmed serving bowl. Immediately sprinkle in the mozzarella cubes, a few at a time, stirring with each addition so that they don't clump together. Then gently mix in the contents of the skillet and serve.

Choosing the Best Desktop Computer For You

Like a lot of people in the world today, you probably have a specific budget in mind when you buy a desktop computer. You may wonder, though, how to pick out the computer. What size and shape you need and with all the new technology out there, you may be unsure what to get. We are here to help you with this most difficult decision. Read on for some great insight into what to look for when purchasing a great desktop computer.

There are four different types of a PC user. Read below to find out which one you are. This will help you choose the best computer for you and your family.

General purpose user: a general purpose use desktop computer is perfect for those who like to make pictures, edit pictures, play games and surf the net. Depending on what you need a general purpose computer can range in price from $500 to $1500.

There are many different features to consider when wanting to purchase any of the before mentioned computers. The main great features that you will want to consider are processor, memory, hard drive, running system, video card, keyboard, mouse, monitor, web camera, size, DVD/Blue Ray and warranty.